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The Culinary and Bartenders Unions has begun contract negotiations for 50,000 workers on the Las Vegas Strip and in Downtown Las Vegas. The deadline to complete negotiations is midnight on Friday, June 1, 2018. Negotiations between the unions and the casino resorts are closed sessions, but periodically there will be media availability with workers. The Unions will be negotiating a host of proposals including: protecting pension and health benefits, good wage increases that reflect increased industry profits, language regarding increased technology and the effects automation has on jobs and workers, strong protections for worker safety including safety buttons and language protecting against sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and proposals for non-union restaurant and arena workers to become union. The Culinary and Bartenders Unions are encouraging Nevada locals, elected officials, political candidates, and tourists to support workers by patronizing hotels and casinos not under a labor dispute. The Culinary Union, Nevada’s largest union, has launched, a website intended as a service for meeting and convention planners and all other travelers who need to know whether labor disputes could affect their plans in Las Vegas. The website will be updated with information about actual and potential labor disputes affecting Las Vegas casinos. Visitors to the site may sign up for email updates as well as find strategies to protect their event or travel plans from the possibility of being impacted by labor disputes.

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