You may be eligible to start at 100% pay at your new union job!

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Do you have experience working in the Las Vegas hospitality industry? You may be eligible to start at 100% pay at your new Culinary and Bartenders Unions job because of the strong standard set by union contract language protections!
If you recently got hired at a union property, speak with a shop steward or union organizer to see if you are eligible to receive 100% pay (after your probationary period at your new job) based on your experience in the Las Vegas hospitality industry.
If you are eligible, follow these steps to receive the benefit:
Culinary and Bartenders Union members: Call the Culinary Health Fund (CHF) customer service line at (702) 733-9938 and request work-hour verification. Make sure you know your hire date (for the new job) before you call CHF. A letter with proof-of-hours worked will be sent from the CHF to you and your new employer.
Non-union workers & Station Casinos workers:
Take the following items (from your past hospitality industry employer) to payroll at your new job to show proof-of-hours worked:
1. Paystub
2. Letter with your name and job classification.
If you have misplaced your paystub or need the letter, call the HR department at your past employer to request a copy.
Important reasons to join the Culinary and Bartenders Unions:
*Representation: Your membership and participation in union activities creates strength. A strong union is able to provide fair wages and good working conditions. You have many benefits fought for, won, and negotiated for you by the Culinary and Bartenders Unions.
Representation by the Culinary and Bartenders Unions protects your contract rights and ensures the benefits to which you are entitled:
*Right to be represented with grievances and arbitrations
*Guaranteed work-week
*Wage increases
*Job security and seniority
*Paid vacations and holidays
*Health care benefits
*Pension benefits
*401k retirement plan
*And much more!

¿Tiene experiencia trabajando en la industria hotelera de Las Vegas? ¡Usted puede ser elegible para comenzar con el 100% del salario en su nuevo trabajo sindical de la Unión Culinaria y de Cantineros debido al fuerte estándar establecido por las protecciones en las cláusulas de los contratos sindicales!
Si usted ha sido contratado recientemente en una propiedad sindical, hable con un delegado sindical o un organizador sindical para ver si es elegible para recibir el 100% del salario (después de su período de prueba en su nuevo trabajo) según su experiencia en la industria hotelera de Las Vegas.
Si usted es elegible, siga estos pasos para recibir el beneficio:
Miembros de los sindicatos de la Unión Culinaria y de Cantineros: Llamen a la línea de servicio al cliente de Culinary Health Fund (CHF) al (702) 733-9938 y solicite la verificación de las horas de trabajo. Asegúrese de saber su fecha de contratación (para el nuevo trabajo) antes de llamar a CHF. La oficina de CHF enviará una carta con el comprobante de las horas trabajadas a usted y a su nuevo empleador.
Trabajadores no sindicalizados y trabajadores de Station Casinos:
Lleven los siguientes elementos (de su empleador anterior de la industria hotelera) al departamento de nómina en su nuevo trabajo para mostrar comprobantes de las horas trabajadas:
1. Talón de cheque
2. Carta con su nombre y clasificación laboral.
Si usted extravió su talón de cheque o necesita la carta, llame al departamento de recursos humanos de su empleador anterior para solicitar una copia.
Razones importantes para unirse al los sindicatos de la Unión Culinaria y de Cantineros:
* Representación- Su membresía y su participación en las actividades sindicales crean fuerza. Un sindicato fuerte puede proporcionar salarios justos y buenas condiciones de trabajo. Usted tiene muchos beneficios por los cuales los Sindicatos de la Unión Culinaria y de Cantineros lucharon, ganaron y negociaron para usted.
La representación de parte de los sindicatos de la Unión Culinaria y de Cantineros protege sus derechos contractuales y garantiza los beneficios a los cuales tiene derecho:
* Derecho a ser representado en procesos de agravios y arbitrajes.
* Semana laboral garantizada
* Aumentos salariales
* Seguridad laboral y antigüedad
* Vacaciones y feriados pagados
* Comidas
* Uniformes
* Beneficios de seguro de salud
* Beneficios de Pensión
* Plan de retiro 401k
* ¡Y mucho más!

You have the right to organize!


Know Your Rights (Immigration)

ENGLISH: Solidarity Resources: Know Your Rights, Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Coworkers

ESPANOL: Recursos de Solidaridad: Conozca sus Derechos Protéjase, Proteja a su Familia y a sus Compañeros de Trabajo

Para leer la siguiente información en español, haga clic aquí:


If ICE comes to your workplace or stops you in public, you have the right to:

• Remain silent and not provide information that can be used against you. Lying or providing false information can have very serious consequences.

• Speak to an attorney. By speaking to an attorney before you answer questions, you can make informed decisions about what to say and what information to provide.

• Not sign any document ICE presents to you. You have the right to speak with an attorney before signing anything.

• Leave if you are not being detained. You have the right to ask the ICE officer if you are being detained or are free to go. If you are not being detained, you have the right to walk away. Stay calm and do not run.

NOTE: In case of an ICE raid in your workplace, contact your union rep or shop steward immediately.


If ICE comes to your home, you have the right to:

• See a warrant BEFORE you open the door. You have the right to refuse to allow ICE or police to enter your home unless the officers show a court warrant signed by a judicial officer (usually a judge).

• A warrant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is never enough! You have the right to ask ICE to slide
the warrant under the door so you can inspect it. You do not have to open the door until they do. If it is an arrest warrant, it must be signed by a judicial officer and have your name on it. If it is a search warrant, it must be signed by a judicial officer and have the exact address of your home. If you open the door to ICE without a court warrant, this may be seen as giving “consent” to have your home entered and searched.

• Remain silent. Present the Rights Card at the end of this booklet to officers. If you talk about your immigration status, your country of origin or how you got to the U.S., this information could be used against you.

NOTE: ICE agents can and do lie in order to gain entrance to your home.


If you are stopped in your car:

• You have the right to remain silent, to speak to your attorney, to leave if you are not being arrested or detained, and to not sign anything without speaking to your attorney.

• If you are the driver of the vehicle, you may be required to show your license, registration and proof of insurance.

• Take note of which kind of law enforcement agent has stopped you (sheriff, city or county police, state trooper, or immigration officer), and the name and badge number of the agent.

Remember: Presenting false documents or false identification can lead to serious legal consequences.


Carry A Rights Card

Keep this card (and the phone number of an immigration attorney) with you at all times. These rights apply to everyone in the United States—carrying this card is an important reminder of those rights, especially for those of us in communities that face racial profiling by police or ICE.

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