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‘We’re still struggling’: low unemployment can’t hide impact of low wages and rising inflation

On a recent afternoon, just out of view of the hotel’s 1,000-plus feet (350-metre) spike, a couple of hundred hospitality service workers were gathered in a nearby car park. In baking 90F (32C) heat, speakers told the workers that they must fight to get improved contracts and controls for soaring rents. “Sí, se puede” – yes, we can – they shouted outside the headquarters of Nevada’s powerful Culinary Workers Union.


The culinary union – which represents 60,000 members in Las Vegas and Reno – is pushing for legislation to cap rent rises, which have been as much as 40% in the city. It is a force to be reckoned with, knocking on 650,000 doors in the last election and claiming credit for Biden’s narrow victory in a swing state.

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