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Nine takeaways from the primary election -- so far

The Culinary strikes back!

Usually, the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 is on the same page as Democrats. But in the 2023 session, state Sen. Marilyn Dondero Loop, D-Las Vegas, brought a bill that would repeal requirements to clean hotel rooms every day, a bill that was passed during the COVID pandemic.

The union campaigned strongly against the bill, but ran in to opposition from the Nevada Resort Association, which ultimately won the day. The bill, Senate Bill 441, passed with bipartisan majorities.

That led the union to "un-endorse" all Democrats who voted in favor of the bill and it also led them to back Geoconda "Geo" Hughes against state Sen. Rochelle Nguyen, D-Las Vegas, who backed SB 441. (Dondero Loop was not up for election this year.)


But the message was clear: Go against the union and there will be consequences.

And the union did win in another contest: the open Assembly District 17 seat, where union shop steward Linda Hunt was facing off against Democratic caucus-endorsed Mishon Montgomery. Hunt is leading in that contest, 65% to 27% in a three-person race.

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