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Legislative elections: Lombardo’s picks win; Culinary, Dem establishment have mixed night

The union — which represents 60,000 members across the state and has been a key driver of Democratic victories in the past — handpicked two candidates running against Democratic establishment picks in Senate District 3 and Assembly District 17.


The union targeted Nguyen after she supported SB441, a bill that ended pandemic-imposed requirements placed on the gaming industry, including daily hotel room cleaning. After the legislative session, the union secured daily room cleaning requirements as part of its five-year contracts with major Las Vegas resorts.

Two months after picking Hughes to take on Nguyen, the union went a step further by un-endorsing 17 incumbents running for re-election who had also voted for the hotel room cleaning bill.


However, in Assembly District 17, the union’s pick — union leader and food server Linda Hunt — prevailed over Assembly Democratic Caucus pick Mishon Montgomery, an Air Force veteran and motivational speaker. In the early returns, Hunt had received about two-thirds of the vote. 

“Building power for workers isn’t about one election or one cycle but a long-term commitment, and for 89 years, win or lose, the Culinary Union has fought for workers’ rights to be heard and respected in this community, and we shall continue,” the union said in a statement Tuesday.

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