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Analysts optimistic after casino companies’ solid earnings

Culinary contracts

In Las Vegas, another group that has taken notice of the record numbers for some properties is Culinary Local 226, the union representing 50,000 casino workers whose contracts expire next June, including 10,000 workers who were laid off during the pandemic and have not been called back to work.

Ted Pappageorge, secretary-treasurer for the Culinary union, said workers will be expecting big raises in the face of inflation.

“The employers here in Las Vegas, the gaming employers, are on a roll,” he said. “They’re doing pretty well, and we get that. We want them to do well. We need this community to do well. We need to come back strong.

“But they’ve got to make sure who got them there … and that’s the workers. So we’ll make sure we have that conversation next year.”

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